Treads, a tipless gloves pattern

My first self-designed knit is a pair of tipless gloves:  Treads.


The star of these gloves, is the linen ridge stitch. The way it is incorporated resembles the textured patterns on the treads of tires, and so that’s how these lovelies got their name.

I am eager to see how this pattern could look with variegated yarns such as Malabrigo, or with the linen-ridge portions done in a separate colour of yarn from the rest of the glove. I also think this pattern could lend itself to other types of gloves/mitts, from full fingered to fingerless.

I thought I’d share my pattern here, in case any other knitters want to give some Treads a go. 

I am new to pattern writing, so please forgive me if there is anything lacking.  Please either comment here or message me through Ravelry with any questions, thoughts, or suggestions.  If you do give this pattern a shot, I hope you will enjoy knitting them, and I hope you’ll share your photos and experiences with me.

For those on Ravelry, details on my pair of Treads and a link to the Ravlery pattern download can be found here.

Cheers and Happy Knitting,