On my needles: tipless gloves, a personal pattern

My first  time designing a knit.  Tipless gloves. After three attempts, they are almost complete.


6 thoughts on “On my needles: tipless gloves, a personal pattern

  1. Help!. When I do the Vikken braid all I get is a lateral stitch and it doesn’t look like the v in the pattern.

    In the linen ridge do you keep the yarn in the back when doing the purl stitch?

    I love the looks of this glove and want to make it for my granddaughter in Germany but I’ve ripped it out more times than I like to remember.
    I down loaded the pattern from Treads. Thanks.

    • Hi Sylvia,

      Sorry to hear you are struggling. In order to understand why you are having trouble with the vikkel braid, I would need to know more details about how you are knitting it. I recommend watching the helpful German video I posted in my pattern. Here is the web address: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSwfzQ3G3V8
      Sometimes a visual can be more helpful than words. Also read over the comments on this post here: https://oftherain.wordpress.com/2010/04/05/treads-a-tipless-gloves-pattern/
      I think you may find another knitter describes the very same problem you are encountering and that my answer to them helps you.

      In the linen ridge stitch, you purl as you would normally purl, you just have to make sure you put the yarn at the back when you slip the next stitch, and then consequently, the yarn comes around the back of that slipped stitch, when you bring the yarn to the front again to purl the stitch that follows the slipped stitch.

      I hope this helps!
      Please don’t be discouraged, the vikkel braid is hard to get the hang of for most knitters, but once you learn it, it’s a wonderful technique.


    • I think the mere name of the “fourchette” makes it sound complicated, but it’s actually quite simply an increase using the “single cast-on” using the working yarn. A great video of the single cast on, can be found at knittinghelp.com. It’s the second video down on the cast on page. So really fourchettes are just simple loops, so be sure to knit them tightly on the next round.


  2. This is my first time knitting gloves or mittens. I am having fun doing two new stitches to me, the braid and linen stitch. But, got hung up on the fourchette stitch. I was glad to read the info that you replied to the previous comment. I will now go to the suggested video. Thank you.

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